Members Information

Information Centre

There are two areas for posting information. The Front Door display area is limited to advertising Gallery Shows and Programs. The bulletin board in the kitchen is available to display any art related information that would be of interest to our members. All forms are available on line for downloading and can also be found in our kitchen on the display racks.
Forms include Membership FormClasses Registration FormMember Gallery Show Agreement and WaiverGroup Show Agreement and Waiver and Workshop Registration Form.


Photo Gallery

Visit our Photo Gallery to see photos from our Gallery Shows, Demos, Workshops, and other special events.


Open Studio Mondays and Fridays

Members who wish to paint in the back room on Mondays from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm or Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm are welcome to let themselves into the gallery. Please note: when there is a Demo night or event the gallery may not be available for Open Studio on a Monday evening.

Please contact us if you would like to learn how to open/close the gallery.

All members are welcome to come in and paint in our bright studio/workshop space.


Members Library

The RHGA has a collection of art related material housed in the kitchen in the black cupboard.
Members are welcome borrow books to enjoy at home.


Volunteer Opportunities

The RHGA is a non-profit organization and relies wholly upon its members to assist with the Group’s operations. Every member is encouraged to be active and help maintain the Mill Pond Gallery and our facilities. Let us know where you feel you can be of most assistance to the Group by emailing us at .

Member Events

Virtual RHGA Annual General Meeting

Monday, August 23, 2021 @ 7:30pm

RHGA Board/Executive Job Description
2021 Self Nomination Form
2021 Proxy for Quorum Form (Please complete and email to if you cannot attend this AGM)


Your attendance is requested at this very important meeting. Please plan to attend. The 2021-22 Executive/Board will be nominated and voted on by you, the membership.   Make your vote count.  Let us know how important the RHGA is to you! 


The 2021-22 Executive /Board will be made up of the following positions.  Three positions are Board positions. The remaining 6 positions are Executive positions.  Together, the Board and Executive will meet approximately once a month on a Monday evening.

Chair (Board)
Sets meeting dates and agenda, monitors RHGA gmail account, communication including Weekly Update to members, Town Liaison, facilitate recruiting volunteers for various one-time jobs or projects, update Website

Treasurer (Board)
Tracks income and expenses, balances bank statements monthly, payments to teachers/demo artists/workshop artists/reimburse expenses, provide updates at Board/Executive meetings, Income/Expense summary (yearend) and file Tax Return.

Secretary/Membership Director (Board)
Take minutes at meetings, collect membership forms keep membership list current, send welcome letter to new members, issue and mail membership cards and update contacts in Gmail account

Teacher Liaison (This Director may not be a teacher at the gallery)
Collect class info from teachers, course descriptions, cost, etc., schedule classes for Fall, Summer, Winter/Spring ahead of each season. Keep a record of Teacher Classroom Rental and Payment to assist Treasurer with reconciliation.
Provide an update at Board/Executive meetings.

Demo/Workshop Director
Book visiting artists for Monday evening Demo night followed by a one day or multi day Workshop, work with Saturday/Sunday Instructor(s) to ensure a workable schedule for both classes and workshops. Provide description and images from demo/workshop artists for date entry on our RHGA website.
Be present, or arrange with an assistant to be present for all Demo and Workshops.
Demo/Workshops may be Virtual or Live TBD.

Publicity/Special Events Director
Head the organizing of special events including Culture Days, Splash, AGM BBQ, and Holiday Party.  Work with Social Media Director to promote RHGA on social media as well as several Richmond Hill and York Region online Calendars. Create or organize with member volunteers the creation of print material to promote group and Juried Shows. Coordinate volunteers to help.

Show Director
Works with Chair to schedule Member(s) Gallery Shows.  Ensures all artists are familiar with gallery show procedure, goes over payment methods and receipt process with artists, provides artists with publicity ideas document.

Social Media Director
Promote our group on Facebook, Twitter, Snap, Yorkscene, as well as other online platforms.  Work with Show Director and Publicity Director so efforts are not duplicated.

Open Member
A member without a specific job willing to help various Directors with tasks, willing to contribute a few hours outside of meetings, interested in learning more about the administration of the RHGA

You can nominate yourself for any one of these positions by completing the Self-Nomination Form  and emailing it to –

* Consider your level of involvement this year with the RHGA

 As a ‘not for profit’ group the very foundation of our group lies in the commitment of our volunteers.    No one gets paid for their efforts but we all benefit from what the group has to offer. If you are thinking of nominating yourself for any of these positions and would like to have more info before making this decision please contact Andrea through our email.  She will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Please consider any one of the Board/Executive positions and/or let us know how you can help.

* If you absolutely cannot attend, we ask that you attend by proxy. 

Complete the Proxy Form; include the member’s name that is bringing it and your signature.  You can also scan the signed proxy and email the form to or leave it in the Gallery mailbox before the AGM
Please note:
This is a proxy to form quorum. It does not give a member present at the meeting more than one vote.


(P)ART of the PARK

Saturday, August 7 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

What are you doing Saturday, August 7?!
We hope you will be able to join us at the Mill Pond Gallery for a LIVE member event!
There will be lots of visiting, refreshments, creating, laughing and good fun. It’s time to connect in person.
And there will be prizes and giveaways too!  
We will use our outdoor space to meet in larger groups, and our indoor space in smaller groups, adhering to the Phase 3 protocols.
What? – 
An in person get together and Plein Air day at the Mill Pond Gallery. You will pick up your prepared board in the morning to produce a beautiful work of art, either on location EnPlein Air or in your home studio.
Where? – 
Any location in the Mill Pond Park Study area.
Because we want to see you!
And, because change is coming. The City of Richmond Hill is planning a Park Renewal project and so we want to celebrate our Mill Pond Park through art. Take a look at our Park again, and capture it in your work, a favourite spot, a quiet corner, a busy footpath…
Any style, any medium, it’s your park.
Saturday, August 7 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Rain date, Saturday, August 14 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
To reconnect with each other!
To create an outdoor gallery (with the artwork created at our event) on the Mill Pond Gallery’s front lawns to:
  1. Promote the Mill Pond Gallery and its place in the park
  2. Remind the Community that the Mill Pond Gallery is here and reopening
  3. Inform the Community about the Mill Pond Renewal Project and encourage them to get involved in the  Community Involvement opportunities in the fall. 
All our members are welcome! 
Interested in creating a piece of artwork (Plein Air or Home Studio)?
Please let us know so we can prepare enough boards for all! 
Choice of 12″ x 12″ or 12″ x 16″ sealed and gessoed ground.
Please reply with your size preference to
We will be calling for volunteers to prepare pre cut boards before our event and seal and install them on our lawns after the event. More info and dates for this to follow.

42 Annual RHGA Member Juried Exhibition and Sale

Postponed until further notice

This year marks the 42th year the the Richmond Hill Group of Artists will hold their annual member Juried Art Exhibition and Sale. All members are invited to submit up to 2 pieces of original, recently completed artwork for consideration. Drop off date for artwork is Monday, March 30 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Mill Pond Gallery.
Please read carefully the Juried Show Agreement and Waiver, following the framing and size requirements.

Our Jurors are Brain Smith and Kal Honey.

Opening Night Ceremonies will be held on Friday, April 3 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.
The following 3 Awards and 4 Honourable mentions will be announced.
Best In Show
This award honours an artwork that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also demonstrates technical skill, good composition, design and thoughtful application of the elements and principles of art colour, line, emphasis, balance, proportion, variety, etc.
Ruthe Caverley Rabinowitch Award
This award honours an artwork that demonstrates strong composition, innovation, creativity, and unique application of materials or subject matter to convey a mood.
Mill Pond Award
This award honours a landscape that captures the essence of a scene, or a figurative painting that captures the essence of the human spirit, or an abstract painting that is thought-provoking, or a three-dimensional work that makes dynamic use of space.

All participating artists will be asked to volunteer a shift during the show. 

Gallery Shows

The RHGA provides its membership with a number of display opportunities in our gallery space.


Group Shows

The RHGA organizes 3 members’ group shows each year.  To participate in a group show you must be a member of the RHGA.  Each artist may submit up to 2 paintings.  There is a small administration fee of $5.00/painting, $10.00 for 2 paintings.  The  drop off date is on Monday evening before the show and pick up date is on Monday after the show.  The RHGA retains a 20% commission on all sales.  Please read the Group Show Agreement and Waiver for complete instructions.  Each artists must volunteer to sit a 3 1/2 hour shift during the show. Details for upcoming shows will be forwarded to the membership or refer to our Calendar of Events page for dates.


Individual Gallery Shows

Individual gallery show bookings take place once a year in June. You may book one show/calendar year, however if there are available weekends once sign up is completed you may participate in more then one show.  You may have a solo show or invite other RHGA members to join your show. At the time of booking you must complete the Member Exhibition Agreement and Waiver and provide an image of your work as well as a short description of your show to be used for publicity. Gallery Shows are posted on several On-Line Calendars in the region. It is your responsibility to publicise your show beyond this, we can provide you with some ideas and suggestions. The RHGA retains a 20% commission on all sales.


RHGA Annual Juried Show

Our premier event of the year is our Annual RHGA Juried Show.  There is a small administration fee of $5.00/painting, $10.00 for 2 paintings. Paintings are juried into the show by a panel of independent artists. The drop off date is on Monday or Tuesday evening before the show and pick up date is on Monday after the show. Please read the Juried Show Agreement and Waiver for complete instructions.  Each artists must volunteer to sit a 3 1/2 hour shift during the show. The RHGA retains a 20% commission on all sales.

Community Outreach

The RHGA participates in numerous community and national events throughout the year. We currently have 3 locations for displaying your work in the community.

Dr Reza Montazeri/Hill House Hospice Clinic Show


Sunnybrook Hospital  Show

Show Coordinator, Annette Hansen


Mackenzie Health Hospital

Year round show, paintings are changed every 3-4 months.
A call for submissions will be sent out.
Show Coordinator, Shazia Warsi –