Tatiana Fedankova

Tatiana FedankovaTatiana Fedankova is a professional fine painter living in Great Toronto Area. She owns a private studio in Maple where she teaches people of all ages to create their own unique pieces, paying close individual attention and supporting them when necessary. Tatiana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the institute of Art and Culture based in Russia. She is equally proficient at both teaching others and creating paintings by herself and she believes that the key to success is the balance between the two.
Tatiana’s main principle is that the art has the power to transform the most trivial objects and places into something that can take people’s breath away. Tatiana is constantly working on perfecting both her vision and her skills, the two most important things for an artist.
Tatiana is adept with oil, watercolour painting and creating mixed media. Her sensuous landscapes, realistic portraits and various artworks are displayed in numerous private collections based in Canada, Europe and Russia.