Lesley Block

I only realised the artist within after I retired from my full time job as a Registered Nurse.
I always had a love for other people’s creativity, but never had time for my own.
I was born in South Africa where many people are creative, vibrant and artistic. A country with passion and pain. 
I immigrated to Canada with my husband and two children when I was 30 years old.
My love for colour is well portrayed in my art and in the clothes that I wear.
Other than Journey of the Mind, none of my art has any inner meaning to me. It comes from within and finds itself on the canvas. For the most part I do not visualise what I am going to paint. I wait to see what I have painted.

Presently I am the Art Curator for Covernotes Richmond Hill and a member of The Richmond Hill Group of Artists.

I hope that my art brings colour to your life as it has done for mine.