Betty Wong

Betty WongArt to me provides a breadth of fresh air to the oversaturated visual distractions and images that flood our minds every day, accessible via electronic devices. Painting takes me back to the “positive slowness” of life and allows me to cultivate space, focus and mindfulness.  I am in a sense “painting” all the time as anything that I see is a possible painting, or an inspiration for one. I paint a variety of subjects which display a strong sense of optimism in life.  My motto in art is “Why not? Break some rules, make it different”.

I am a self learner starting to paint in my younger days. I began with Chinese ink painting on rice paper and moved to watercolour and acrylic over the last few decades. I have never stopped taking workshops to improve my skill and I have been active in a few art groups. I have exhibited my work in many juried shows over the last 10 years and got several awards in the international on-line Light Space & Time competition.