Value, Colour and Perspective\Composition
Brian Buckrell
Oct 25, 27, Nov 1,3 8,10

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Virtual 6 Evening Workshop
Oct 25, 27, Nov 1,3 8,10
6:30 pm – 9:30  pm EST


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VIRTUAL Workshop Series – Value, Colour and Perspective\Composition

Evenings – 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm EST

This six-session Zoom workshop is designed for those that have taken one of my earlier fundamentals workshops or are an advanced beginner or intermediate painters already comfortable with their medium.  We will spend two days each focusing on three fundamentals; value, colour and perspective\composition. The exercises will be done with acrylics – but other mediums are accepted. On the second day of each session, participants will be encouraged to paint along. We will also cover the use of image management software (I will use ACDSee – but most are similar) to manage photos to become interesting reference material and digital drawing software for planning your work. (Artrage). The workshop will be recorded for additional viewing. Lots of learning; lots of fun.

Brian Buckrell 

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RICHMOND HILL Zoom Workshop Series October/November 2022

I have listed what I will be working with during the series. I will be using acrylics. Not important which medium you choose most of the learning will be the same.

We will be exploring the use of software to enhance our image and for digital sketching and planning. I will be using ACDSee for image editing – you can get a trial copy for 30 days if you wish – Apple or Android. I will be using ArtRage Vitae for drawing on computer and Infinite Painter for drawing on mobile devices. Both inexpensive and both Apple and Android. I will also be using the app Notanizer for managing values – inexpensive and both Apple and Android.

Painting Surfaces
        Suggest 11×14 or 12×16 and 9×12 for exercises- one of each for each session

Drawing –

  • Straight edge or ruler best is a t square
  • 2B – 4 B pencil
  • Water soluble coloured pencils – one light colour (White or Yellow) one dark colour (black)
  • drawing pad
  • Acrylic Markers – one light value and one dark value acrylic pen – fine (2 – 4 mm). Any brand:
  • Smart phone or tablet, if you have one,
  • If you have a phone or tablet, please load Notanizer app to work with values – Both Apple and Android

Painting equipment

  • Ideally you should have a palette to put out your colours and another to mix on.
  • At the very least I want you to have a working palette on which you can put out the colours to be used and space for mixing.
  • Ideal for acrylics is Masterson Staywet palette 12×16 with sponge and paper to hold and possibly mix the paint. I use a glass palette alongside the Sta Wet on which I do the mixing.
  • I use blue Shop Towels
  • soap for cleaning brushes – I use Murphy’s
  • Colour shaper.  I will demo with them so you can see if they would interest you


  • Any artist grade acrylics
  • Your palette should be a Split Primary (a warm and cool of each primary) plus black and white and the compliment of each of those colours – and any convenience colours you like to use
  • We will be doing value studies with five values. Easiest if you have black, white and a value 5 gray (Liquitex and Golden make these)

My ACRYLIC palette – as a guide – I do not put all out at one time – but there if I need them.

A warm and cool of each primary plus white and black.

  • titanium white
  • cad yellow light
  • yellow ochre
  • cad red light
  • alizarin crimson or quinacradone violet
  • ultramarine blue
  • pthalo blue – green or red
  • Ivory or other black

Compliments and convenience colours

  • dioxazine purple
  • viridian or pthalo green
  • neutral gray value 5
  • burnt sienna
  • quinacradone burnt orange – hard to find
  • chrome oxide green
  • raw or burnt umber
  • Convenience acrylics that I jus like to use

 Liquatex – Light Blue Permanent, Light Blue Violet, Medium Magenta

Golden Fluids – small bottle fine

  • Phthalo Blue – Green or Red Shade
  • Quinacridone Violet or Magenta

Acrylic Glazing Medium   -any brand

Black gesso – any brand but I like Liquatex in the bottle

Brushes Acrylic

I use a mix of acrylic synthetics  – flats, filberts and brights and a few rounds.  You want a variety of brush types and stiffness for interesting brush strokes and calligraphy.

    • Have  wider and stiffer acrylic brushes for bold blockins –1 ½ “. I particularly like  the stiff Opus Legato No 12, 14 and 16. Opus new Denman brushes are very stiff designed to move thick acrylic – work well. Opus Arietta are a softer and a good choice. Many brands duplicate these – from stiff to soft.
    • I also use water colour brushes such as Opus Bravara – typical watercolour brush 1 inch
    • I use a variety of riggers or small rounds
    •  There are many manufacturers of quality brushes – select on size, shape and stiffness

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