Paula Boss

As an abstract and non-objective artist it’s interesting to me where the inspiration for a painting can come from. A casual glance at a bird in the sunshine…tire tracks in the snow…a dream…a feeling…a mistake…a terrific orgasm. That’s the thing and the fun of it for me…is that inspiration can come from anywhere. The inspiration leads ultimately into a work of art…a glimpse into how I see the world…a snapshot inside my mind.

I was born with the heart of adventurer and I hope my art reflects that. I hope that through it you can see my sense of wonder. There are so many things to do and see and try! I’m always wondering what would happen if….So many possibilities to explore. This need to explore engages and fuels my creativity. The creation of a painting is a wonderful adventure to me! When inspiration strikes, you may think you know where you’re heading, but in reality you never really know for sure where the journey is going to take you. Fun stuff, eh? I find each painting ends up having its own story, the record of its journey from conception to completion. And don’t you just love a good story…

I am a self taught artist.