Raya Finkelson

Raya Finkelson is an emerging artist (and a professional IT consultant by trade). Her interest in art can be traced all the way back to her childhood. She started experimenting with drawing and painting as a child and eventually took up art lessons through out elementary school and high school. Art, in all of its various manifestations has fascinated her and has always been her passion and favourite hobby. Seven years ago her creative itch pushed her to start exploring art on a deeper level and she began taking private art lessons from renowned professional artist Sergey Malina. His superior professional skills, decades of experience and lively personality inspired her to dedicate more of her time and energy to her artistic pursuits and to begin crafting her own signature styles and techniques. She has created a modest independent body of work; unique 3D paintings that include sculpture elements on canvases, which really bring the pieces to life with a whole new dimension. Creating them is a far more in depth process than traditional paintings, but she truly enjoys bringing her unique pieces of art to life with her one of a kind approach. She has exhibited and sold art in a number of shows: King City Museum, Aurora Cultural Centre, Markham Townhall (Soyra Art Society), Glen Centre. There are over 70 pieces of her art in public collections in Canada, USA, Holland, Israel.