Judy Zheng

Judy Zheng( Xia Juan Zheng), born in Zhanjiang, Guangdong of China.
She Graduated from Printmaking Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1988, Bachelor of Arts
In 1999 China Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Department of Oil graduated from advanced graduate class, her teacher from China famous strength to send oil painter Professor Run WenGuo.
In 2007 the Chinese Artists Association hosted the second session of the lacquer advanced graduate classes.
Studied in Canada since 2014.
Judy is an accomplished painter and print maker. She is a member of China Business Culture Research Association, a member of Canadian EUREKA International Artists Group, a member of Canadian Artists Delegation, a director of Canadian Oil Painting Society, president of Canada Sanhe International Art Salon, a member of Guangdong Artists Association, a member of Guangzhou Artists Association Oil Painting Art Committee, print art committee. Professional painter.
Judy’s work has won gold, silver, bronze and excellence awards in China. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Germany, Canada, France, Macau, China Guangzhou and Beijing exhibitions, and is praised by peers and collectors.
Collectors include the National Museum of China, the Guangdong Art Museum, the Archives of the State of Greater China, the Greater China Center for Chinese Culture and collectors at home and abroad.
In recent years an important exhibition:
1) November 2017 Oil Painting <Grow with You> Selected to Celebrate 150 Years of Canada’s Greater Toronto International Art Exhibition / Greater China Center for Chinese Culture, Canada
2) October 2017 Oil Painting <Forbidden Fruit> Selected to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Anniversary “Maple Leaf is Red” International Art Exhibition / Greater China Center for Chinese Culture, Canada
3)November 2015 and February 2017 Twice invited delegates representing Canadian artists to the Art Capital International Art Exhibition, organized by the annual French Independent Artist Salon ./ At the Grand Palais in Paris, France,
4) November 2015 Chinese painting “Sunflower” was selected to Canada International Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Famous Exhibition / Toronto, Canada Chinese Culture Center
5) September 2013 Oil Painting “Self-portrait” Participated in Songzhuang Artist Group, China “The 20th Anniversary Exhibition of We, 1993-2013” / Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum
4)July 2013 2 Landscape Paintings Participated in the Exhibition of Art Works of Zhan Jiang and Macao’ Calligraphy and Painting Exchange / Macao
6) January 2013 4 paintings Northern Shan Xi Scenery series participated in “2013 Los Angeles Art Fair” / Los Angeles Art Exposition Center
7) July 2011 print “Flying Pigeon” was selected “Fifth Guangzhou Printmaking Exhibition” and won the Bronze Award / Guangzhou Cultural Palace 7) March 2010 Six prints to participate in the German “red rock” German art du series / Germany Ban Hunburg
8) September 2009 lacquer painting “Forbidden Fruit” selected for the “lacquered theme” held in Frankfurt – Germany-Germany Art Exchange Exhibition / Germany Frankfurt City Hall
9) 2009 edition of the print “look forward” was selected “to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China, Guangzhou Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition”, won the Bronze Award / Guangdong Painting Academy Nan Xing Pavilion/Guangzhou Archives Collection